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At Legacy Precast we design, engineer, manufacture, deliver and install precast concrete building systems.  Following are a few of the typical components that we produce.  As a system manufacturer we are always striving to control/reduce costs by optimizing component efficiency, bay spacing, panelization, connections, etc., while working with the architect and design team to meet the design intent of the project.

Double Tees

Typically used for floor and roof systems in parking garages and office buildings, double tees are one of the most efficient precast elements; our typical double tee is a 12DT28.  The nominal 12'-0" width accommodates a typical 36'-0" or 48'-0" bay in a parking structure.  At 28" deep, the field topped double tee allows for a uniform and consistent field topping, which eliminates numerous caulk joints in the floor system, provides for a smooth ride and greatly reduces leaks and owner maintenance of caulk joints.


Spandrel Panels

Typically used in parking garages and office buildings, spandrel panels come in various shapes and sizes.  Typical heights are 72", 76" and 78", while typical lengths range from 30'-0", 36'-0", 48'-0" to 60'-0".  Finishes include as-cast gray, pigmented colored concrete, cast-in thin brick, sandblasting, reveals and formliner.  The image below is an up close photo of the Woman's Hospital Parking Garage spandrel panel (top right photo on this page).  The panel utilizes cast in thin brick, architectural concrete mix design with sandblast finish and a 4" projection band on the top and bottom of the spandrel.

Architectural Finish with Projection on Face.jpg

IT Beams and L Beams

Inverted Tee beams, IT Beams and/or L Beams are typically structural horizontal components that are used to support floor or roof systems, like double tees and flat slabs.


Stairs and Landings

Precast stairs with integral landings are very efficient when combined with an all precast structure.  When temporary handrails are installed, the stairs allow for early access to all levels of the structure during construction, often eliminating the need for stair scaffolding. 

LP-1913 Stair Tower under construction for web.jpg

Wall Panels - Structural,  Architectural, Insulated & Blast

Precast concrete wall panels are available in various shapes, sizes and finishes to meet your specific design needs; including vertical and/or horizontal walls, architectural walls, insulated walls and blast walls.  Typical vertical wall widths often module with the system; 10'-0", 12'-0" or 13'-4" wide.  Custom widths are available too; however, wider panels may require an escorted load for transportation.  Precast wall panel heights vary in size from 8'-0" up to 50'-0" per precast component.  As shown below, a thermal efficient, insulated precast concrete wall panel with edge to edge insulation is possible.  Non conductive wythe connectors are used between the exterior face of concrete and the interior face of concrete to provide superior thermal performance.

LP-Wall-Panel-Insulation-in-the-plant-process-2021-03-29 for web.jpg


Precast concrete columns are available in various shapes and sizes to meet design requirements.  Square and rectangular columns are typically used in conjunction with spandrel panels and beams to build parking garages and all precast commercial/industrial structures.  Round columns can be used as well; however, they are less common.

LP-2201 Installation photo 01 on 11 11 2022 column photo for web.jpg

Big Beams for Cooling Towers and Amenity Decks/Pools on Elevated Levels

On occasion, projects require the precast structure to carry substantial loads at elevated levels.  Examples include amenity decks with pools and sport courts on top of parking structures, elevated cooling towers enclosed on the upper levels of a parking garage or car lifts on an elevated level in the maintenance shop of a car dealership.  In these situations, large rectangular beams and/or L beams can be designed to accommodate the dead and live loads.  Typical beams are 4'-0" to 6'-0" deep and may span up to 65'-0".


Big Beams Supporting Amenity Deck

As shown below, Park Place Denton apartments utilized the top level of their parking garage as an amenity deck; which includes a pool, sport courts, indoor gym and other amenities.  Photo is courtesy of Park 7 Group and Park Place Denton.

LP-1904 Park Place Denton Apt Amenities deck for web.jpg

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