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EPD or Environmental Product Declaration

Legacy Precast was one of the first precast concrete manufacturers in North America to receive Certified Environmental Product Declarations for our precast concrete products from NSF.  Following are a few of the details:

Date of Issue:             June 3, 2022

Program Operator:     NSF Certification, LLC

Declaration Holder:    Legacy Precast, LLC

Operational Data & Product Category Rules (PCR)

Our EPD results are based on full year 2020 operational data and current raw materials and suppliers from our manufacturing facility in Brookshire Texas.  These declarations have been prepared in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 21930, and the product category rules for precast concrete. 

Markets Covered

The EPD's cover various products for markets throughout Texas; including Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio metro areas.

Industry-Wide EPD's for Precast Concrete (PCI and CPCI)

The following industry-wide EPD's were developed by the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute members. 

Note:  LEED v4 allows industry average EPDs for MR Credit Building Disclosure and Optimization - EPDs with a cradle to gate scope.

EPD's - Legacy Precast Products

  • Structural Precast Wall Panels

  • Structural Precast Beams


  • Structural Precast Columns


  • Structural Precast Double Tees


  • Structural Precast Ramp Walls


  • Structural Precast Shear Walls

  • Structural Precast Spandrel Panels


  • Structural Precast Stairs

  • PCR for EPD Precast Concrete

EPD's Industry-Wide for Precast Concrete - September 2019

  • PCI Structural Precast Concrete

  • PCI Architectural and Insulated Wall Panel


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